Zimbabwe and Southern Africa:
Hopes, Dreams and Fears

A presentation from ZANE. Tickets £30.

Tuesday 13 May 2014
12.45 -16.00 pm (sandwich lunch at 12.45pm)
St Michael’s Church, Chester Square, London SW1W 9EF

You can purchase tickets here using PayPal. Please note that you do not need a PayPal account to do this - you can use your credit or debit card.

ZANE 13th May 2014

If you do not wish to pay online, please contact us if you would like to come.

Tom Benyon OBE
founder of ZANE: Zimbabwe A National Emergency

HE Deborah Bronnert cmg
United Kingdom Ambassador to Zimbabwe

Graham Boynton
Graham was raised and educated in Zimbabwe. He reported on the Rhodesian Bush War and was expelled from South Africa as an undesirable alien. He was the Group Travel writer for the Telegraph Group from 1998- 2011 with a special interest in Zimbabwe, from where he has just returned.

Ben Freeth mbe
Executive Director of the Mike Campbell Foundation which is working towards justice, human rights and the rule of law in Zimbabwe.


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