Zimbabwe and Southern Africa:
Hopes, Fears and Elections

A very successful conference was organised by ZANE on Friday 9th November: 2.00 -5.00 pm at St Stephen’s Club, 34 Queen Anne’s Gate, Westminster, London SW1H 9AB

Further simliar conferences are planned for 2013

Lord Hurd of Westwell CH CBE PC
Lord Hurd held many senior ministerial posts between 1979-95. He was Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs from 1989-95; he is the author of many books.

Tom Benyon OBE
Founder of ZANE: Zimbabwe A National Emergency

Wiz Bishop
Wiz is the Programme Officer of the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum, an umbrella organisation of the main 19 human rights organisations in Zimbabwe. She has a Master’s Degree in Governance and Development and a background in capacity building and development in Zimbabwe.

Mary Prentice
She is a white African who has lived in Zimbabwe since 1956. Mary is the manager of ZANE in Zimbabwe from 2004 - with special responsibility for pensioners.

Robert Beckinsale
University College Oxford Consultant to ZANE 2009 - with special responsibility for advising on work in the High Density areas and the Club Foot programme

Dr Blessing-Miles Tendi
Blessing-Miles Tendi (DPhil) is a lecturer in the Oxford Department of International Development (University of Oxford) and author of “Making History in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe: Politics, Intellectuals and the Media.”


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